Sunday, 21 February 2010

re: what color is English

I think some people don't get what I wrote about racism in Taiwan and teaching English. Basically I wrote this:
In many a mind in Taipei, English speakers are white. So, if your French or German you get lumped into that stereotype as being an English speaker. Since they are overseas, that French or German person probably does speak English but it's not their native tongue. If they are here studying Chinese and a Taiwanese just assumes their proper tongue is English, or that they want to speak English in Taiwan, then it's rude. It very aggravating when a Taiwanese person starts speaking English to you just because your white. Even if their English is shit or your Chinese is better than their English some will try to get the practice. OBNOXIOUS!

The other point I made was that this kind of stereotype leads to difficulties for Native English speakers who are non-white when seeking teaching jobs. Sometimes, as the example posted clearly shows, companies or students want a white teacher because it reflects their prejudice.
I simply stated that. Of course it's terrible. Please, read this blog carefully before you comment.

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